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Open Arms Playgarden

Inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Education we offer an early childhood program that is loving, safe, and gentle, allowing each child to unfold and reach their developmental milestones at an individual pace.


Open Arms Playgarden offers 3, 4, and 5-day programs for children 2 years up to and including Kindergarten.




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Social and Emotional Learning

Our priority is to provide an environment for the children to process the world around them through self-directed play. It is in play that children work through their life events, wishes, and wants. Our goal is to empower and teach children to use language for commuincation and for conflict resoluation with the children and adults in their life. Free-play creates many opportunitues for practice with teacher guidance. 

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A Home-like Setting


Young children learn best when they can feel at home. At Open Arms Playgarden, each child is a part of a loving community With experienced teachers and a multi-aged group of children. We provide an extension to the child’s family and home life by constant communication and collaboration between teachers and parents. Communication and parent education helps provide understanding and continuity.

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Playful Fresh-Air Learning

We spend much of our time outdoors at play and work. Our indoor and outdoor environments are carefully chosen to provide the materials and opportunity for healthy, Physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. The children have the space and ample time to run, dig, climb, swing, pull push and carry. Activities which promotes healthy physical growth and cooperative play.

We garden and care for our animals together and use much of our garden produce in our meals.

In these times, in these uncertain times,

I will remain open, to the miracle that is each moment.


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