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Our Daily Rhythm

Young children feel best when their world is rhythmic with the activities of the morning unfolding in the same way each day; one activity flowing into the next in such a way that the children know what to expect. By providing this predictability, we provide comfort and security; eliminating the need for much discipline having removed the uncertainty that can stress young children. Instead of instructing the children as to what's coming next, we find that by singing a familiar song each day, the children take their cue to transition.


Our daily schedule is as follows and is adjusted seasonally and according to the children's needs, and state requirements:

  • 8:15 drop off handwashing, free play inside, baking and snack preparation.

  • 9:30 pick up toys, bathrooming and hand washing. 

  • 9:45 Puppet story, circle time, movement, songs and games

  • 10:00 snack followed by clean up (wash dishes, sweep)

  • 10:20 free play (inside or out), and a selection of crafts or watercolor painting, followed by setting table for lunch.

  • 11:40 clean up, handwashing diaper changes.

  • 11:50 lunch

  • 12:15 outdoor free play

  • 12:45 - 1:00pm dismissal

  • 1:00 After care begins (After care offered Monday through Thursday)

  • 3:30 Pick up for after care children. 

Homemade Food

Our Menu

We Offer 2 meals each day and an additional snack for after care children.


Our snack menu is a daily of rotation of vegetables, fruit and nuts. We bake daily either muffins or buns.

The children participate in the baking and help set and clear the table for our meals.

* We believe that it is important for the children development of self-esteem, and a sense of belonging to be part of the food preparation and set up and clean up before and after meals. Thus, being responsible and being an important part of the community.

Our lunch: We offer a warm meal of either rice, beans and vegetables or vegetable soup with noodles and our home-made buns. Children bring a water bottle each day. (parents do not need to pack food for their child).

* It has been wonderful to see the children trying new foods when we eat together, and they take part in the preparation of their meals.

Maayan and Students
Children Playing
Children Playing

We are in the garden rain or shine. The seasons are our curriculum and the children get to experience this by spending most of the day outside. Gaining much life experience out in nature with water, mud, sand, and surrounded by plants, animals, chirping birds, and sunshine. 

Our Garden


Storytelling and songs are an integral part of our days at Open Arms Playgarden. We use stories to bring up difficult subjects in an imaginative and gentle way allowing us as a community to explore themes such as gratitude, bravery, generosity, and overcoming fears. 


Using storytelling curatively encourages healthy communication, conflict resolution, and offers opportunity for processing emotional needs. The story is repeated daily for a week giving the children the chance to truly live into the story and the imaginative images that they've created themselves. The following week we invite the children to act out the stories with teacher guidance allowing the children to inhabit different characters and archetypes. 

Developing the imagination through story telling is a precursor to memory and auditory development necessary for literacy.  We sing and rhythm throughout the day. Rhyming and singing provides an opportunity for sound, syllabus, words and sentence recognition all in preparation for later academic learning.​

Children Playing



Ms. Maayan

Maayan has overseen the playgarden for fifteen years and has over seventeen years of experience in early childhood education. She is a preschool teacher and completed four years of Waldorf teacher training at the Center for Educational Renewal held at the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm.


She is the mother of two children ages 17 and 21.

Maayan is joined at the playgarden by three experienced and caring teachers who share in the daily rhythm. 

Ms. Juliette

Juliette went to a Waldorf school as a child, she remembers the feeling of love and being nurtured in a beautiful, calm safe environment.

With her personal experience she contributes to our school home environment by baking with the children and spending time listening and helping them feel love and cared for. 

She is loving and patient and connects with the children with her warmth. 

Juliette is talented in seeing each child individually and the school as a whole thus helping bring harmony to our day.

Juliette is a preschool teacher in the process of completing a degree in early childhood education.

Children Playing Outside

Ms. Lori

Lori has more than 17 years experience in a Waldorf kindergarten and preschool. She is knowledgeable and very experienced bringing true magic, joy and love to the children.

We are truly lucky to have her as part of our team.


Ms. Julie


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